Bookkeeping and BAS Services

The traditional form of bookkeeping means that a bookkeeper sits in your office and processes your sales invoices, purchases, and receipts, inputting them into whatever bookkeeping software you have. They then reconcile your bank statement to ensure everything has been entered, and provide you with various reports

With virtual bookkeeping (also known as remote bookkeeping), you no longer need to put up with someone in your office taking up valuable space and time


There are a number of ways in which virtual bookkeeping works.

Firstly, we need to work out the most efficient way of getting the necessary documents to your virtual bookkeeper. This may be by bundling up your documents on a regular basis and posting them. Or you may be able to fax or scan the documents, and either send them directly, or put them in an online storage application such as dropbox. Also, there are now a number of apps available that will let you use your smartphone to take a photo of an invoice or receipt and relay that directly to your bookkeeper.

Secondly, we need to choose the software best suited to your requirements. There are a number of software packages available and these are detailed on our “Software for Bookkeeping” page.

Generally speaking the choices are

  1. Cloud-based bookkeeping
    • There are a number of browser-based products currently available such as Xero and MYOB essentials. Using any computer, anywhere, you simply log in to the appropriate website, enter your login details and access your dedicated file. Other people, such as your accountant, can also have access via this method
    • There are other Internet-based packages which rely on direct access to the software (not through a browser) such as the various MYOB AccountRight Live packages.
  2. Hosted services
    • This is where the accounting program and your data are stored on a server operated by the software company such as the Reckon hosted product.
  3. Remote Log in
    • This is where you can keep the software and data on your own computer or server and your virtual bookkeeper logs on when necessary.

We also offer an off-line option which is the closest you will get to the traditional bookkeeping operation. You send your information to us at Virtual Bookkeeping Solutions, we will scan and securely store your documents, then process the information into a suitable software program. We will then be able to supply you with all the necessary management reports such as the outstanding debtors, profit and loss statements and balance sheets. We can also provide your accountant with a full set of books and order for him/her to do the annual statutory accounts.


We are registered with the Taxation Practitioners Board  as  a BAS Agent (Registration Number  92351001 ) and as such we can lodge BAS and PAYG returns on your behalf. For further details about BAS agents or to check a registration visit 

Once the books are completed for the relevant BAS period, we send you a copy of the BAS return. Once it has been approved we can then electronically lodged with the Australian Tax Office.